Welcome to Our Doggie Haven

Step into The Barking Baron, a cozy boutique where every tail wags with joy. Discover a curated selection of dog treats, toys, and stylish accessories. Come experience the warmth of our doggie haven.

About Us

Tail-Wagging Treasures Await You

Discover Stylish Delights for Your Furry Friend

Step into a world of tail-wagging delight where your pup's style and comfort take center stage. Our carefully curated selection boasts the latest in doggy fashion and essentials. From trendy collars to cozy beds, and an array of playful accessories, we've handpicked everything to ensure your furry friend looks and feels their very best.

Dogs, the Ultimate Source of Comfort and Joy

Our Paw-sitive Commitment

At The Barking Baron, we're more than just a store; we're a community of dog lovers. Our commitment goes beyond providing top-notch products. We're dedicated to fostering a space where you and your furry friend feel right at home. We host fun events that bring our dog-loving community together. Our mission is simple: to make tails wag and hearts smile. Join us in celebrating the love, joy, and endless charm that dogs bring into our lives.

Welcome to Our New Cat Zone!

We’re excited to introduce a special addition to The Barking Baron – our Cat Zone! Crafted with care and your feedback in mind, this new area is a testament to our love for all pets and a step towards catering to our wonderful community of cat lovers. Enjoy exploring with your feline friends, discover new products, and experience all the fun that our Cat Zone has to offer. We can't wait to welcome you and your whiskered companions to join in the joy and discovery!

Where Tails and Smiles Collide

  • Lindsey R.

    This little shop is so nice! Winnie was one of the first dogs to visit and she even remembered her months later and a different event! Yummy treats, adorable toys and cute things for dog mamas and daddy’s too.

  • Lisa A.

    Stopped in to look for something my corgi could chew on and not burn through in 5 minutes. The owner knew right away what to recommend and he loves it! Thank you for your help picking out the perfect chewy!

  • Brian M.

    What an awesome unique store to visit with your Dog or cat. Bring your dog in for a visit! Not your cookie cutter pet shop! The owner is super nice and accommodating. A must stop in Manheim!

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